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London Philharmonic Society 1899 - 1907

Royal Philharmonic Society 1899 87th Season Wednesday 8 March 1899 Sir Alexander MacKenzie La Belle Dame, orchestral ballad MACKENZIE Piano Concerto No. 1 LISZT Symphony No. 1, ‘Spring’ SCHUMANN Violin Concerto MENDELSSOHN Piano Solos (Schumann, Szendy) Overture to Ali Baba CHERUBINI Ernst von Dohnanyi, piano Leonora Jackson, violin Wednesday 22 March 1899 Sir Alexander MacKenzie Orchestral Ballade in A minor COLERIDGE-TAYLOR Piano Concerto No. 4 BEETHOVEN ‘Mi parca’, aria from Otello VERDI Piano Solos (Liszt and Chopin) Symphony No. 4 BRAHMS Basil Sapellnikoff, piano Ruth Lamb, soprano Wednesday 19 April 1899 Sir Alexander MacKenzie Sergei Rachmaninov* Idyll for Orchestra LUARD SELBY ‘Lentement baisse le jour’ Recitative and Cavatina from Prince Igor BORODIN Orchestral Fantasia RACHMANINOV* Piano Solos (Rachmaninov) Symphony No. 5 BEETHOVEN Christianne Andray, soprano Sergei Rachmaninov, piano Thursday 4 May 1899 Sir Alexander MacKenzie Giuseppe Martucci* Charles Villiers Stanford+ Calm Sea and a Prosperous Voyage, Overture MENDELSSOHN “Parto, ma tu ben mio” Recitative and Aria from La clemenza di Tito MOZART Symphony in D minor MARTUCCI* Concert Variations on an English Theme for Piano and Orchestra STANFORD+ Overture to Olimpia SPONTINI Rosa Olitzka, soprano G.A. Clinton, clarinet Leonard Borwick, piano Thursday 18 May 1899 Sir Alexander MacKenzie Overture to Horatius Cocles MEHUL Ode, for Chorus and Orchestra PARRY Piano Concerto No. 2 SAINT-SAENS Symphony No. 9, ‘Choral’ BEETHOVEN Ella Pancera, piano Evangeline Florence, soprano Florence Power, contralto William Green, tenor Bantock Pierpoint, bass Leeds Festival Chorus Thursday 1 June 1899 Sir Alexander MacKenzie Much Ado about Nothing, Overture EDWARD GERMAN Violin Concerto BEETHOVEN ‘Il dolce suono’ aria from Lucia di Lammermoor DONIZETTI ‘Legende de la fille du Paria’ aria from Lakme DELIBES Violin Solo (Joachim) Symphony No. 4 BRAHMS Joseph Joachim, violin Emma Nevada, soprano Thursday 15 June 1899 Sir Alexander MacKenzie Richard Strauss* Preludes Act 2 and 3 from Incidental Music to Manfred MACKENZIE Piano Concerto No. 1 CHOPIN Death and Transfiguration RICHARD STRAUSS* ‘Glöcklein im Thale, cavatina from Euryanthe WEBER ‘Spiagge amate’ GLUCK Symphony No. 38, ‘Prague’ MOZART Clementine de Vere, soprano Moriz Rosenthal, piano Royal Philharmonic Society 1900 88th Season Thursday 8 March 1900 Frederic Cowen Dramatic Overture OTTO MANNS Piano Concerto No. 5, ‘Emperor’ BEETHOVEN Final Duet from Act 3 of Die Walküre WAGNER Symphony No. 6, ‘Pathétique’ TCHAIKOVSKY Teresa Carreño, piano Esther Palliser, soprano Andrew Black, baritone Wednesday 21 March 1900 Frederic Cowen A Faust Overture WAGNER Piano Concerto No. 4 RUBINSTEIN “Durch die Wälder”, Scena and Aria from Der Freischütz WEBER Jaga Naut (Kehama), Orchestral Scene BANTOCK Symphony No. 3, ‘Eroica’ BEETHOVEN Frederick Lamond, piano Thursday 5 April 1900 Frederic Cowen Symphony in D major (No. 23) ??? HAYDN Adelaide, aria BEETHOVEN Violin Concerto No. 1 BRUCH Theme and Variations from Suite No. 3 TCHAIKOVSKY Preislied from Die Meistersinger WAGNER Entrance of the Gods from The Rheingold WAGNER Edward Lloyd, tenor Ladislas Gorski, violin Thursday 10 May 1900 Frederic Cowen Edward Elgar* Overture to A Midsummer Night’s Dream MENDELSSOHN Prelude and Liebestod from Tristan and Isolde WAGNER Sea Pictures ELGAR* Piano Concerto No. 2 LISZT Symphony No. 2 BRAHMS Clara Butt, mezzo soprano Ferruccio Busoni, piano Thursday 24 May 1900 Frederic Cowen Air and Variations from Divertimento No. 15 MOZART Piano Concerto No. 4 BEETHOVEN The Spirit Song HAYDN Scenes from an Every-day Romance COLERIDGE TAYLOR Harold in Italy BERLIOZ Ernst von Dohnanyi, piano Ada Crossley, mezzo soprano Thursday 14 June 1900 Frederic Cowen Impressions from Shakespeare (Macbeth) W. HANDEL THORLEY ‘Nel rimirar’, aria from Tannhäuser WAGNER Piano Concerto No. 23 MOZART Symphony No. 7 BEETHOVEN Don Juan, piano solo LISZT Prelude to The Mastersingers WAGNER Mario Ancona, tenor Moriz Rosenthal, piano Thursday 28 June 1900 Frederic Cowen Overture to Fidelio BEETHOVEN Symphonic Variations DVOŘÁK ‘Io t’amero’, aria from Il re pastore MOZART Konzertstück in B flat major COWEN Symphony No. 4 SCHUMANN Amy Sherwin, soprano Ignacy Paderewski, piano Royal Philharmonic Society 1901 89th Season Wednesday 27 February 1901 Frederic Cowen Notturno-Serenade for Four Orchestras MOZART ‘The Soldier’s Tent’, orchestral song PARRY Violin Concerto GRÄDENER Macbeth, Overture SULLIVAN Symphony No. 5 BEETHOVEN H. Plunket Greene, baritone Franz Ondricek, violin Wednesday 13 March 1901 Frederic Cowen Overture from Suite in C major BACH ‘Mad Bess’, song (arr. Stanford) PURCELL Piano Concerto in E major SAUER Symphony No. 4 TCHAIKOVSKY The Cossack, song MONIUSZKO ‘Die Trommel’ from Egmont BEETHOVEN Siegfried’s Rhine Journey WAGNER Marie Brema, soprano Emil Sauer, piano Wednesday 27 March 1901 Frederic Cowen The Hebrides, Overture MENDELSSOHN Greeting to the New Century, Symphonic Poem No. 4 WILLIAM WALLACE ‘Riuscito sono aldo’ from Matilde di Guira HUMMEL Piano Concerto No. 1 LISZT Symphony No. 1 BRAHMS Charles Santley, baritone Ferruccio Busoni, piano Thursday 9 May 1901 Frederic Cowen Paradise and Peri STERNDALE BENNETT Piano Concerto No. 1 TCHAIKOVSKY ‘Ich wob dies Gewand’, aria from Odysseus BRUCH Violin Concerto MENDELSSOHN Symphony No. 4 BEETHOVEN Basil Sapellnikoff, piano Ada Crossley, contralto Lady Hallé, violin Thursday 23 May 1901 Frederic Cowen Prelude to Parsifal WAGNER Summer Time, song cycle LANDON RONALD Violin Concerto in D major PAGANINI Symphony No. 6, ‘The Idyllic’ COWEN Chaconne BACH Overture to Tannhäuser WAGNER Ben Davies, tenor Jan Kubelik, violin Thursday 9 June 1901 Frederic Cowen Romeo and Juliet TCHAIKOVSKY ‘Divinite du Styx’, aria from Alceste GLUCK Piano Concerto GRIEG ‘Leise, leise’, aria from Der Freischütz WEBER Piano Solos (Chopin) Symphony No. 2 SCHUMANN Blanche Marchesi, soprano Teresa Carreño, piano Thursday 23 June 1901 Frederic Cowen Edward Elgar* Symphony No. 8, ‘Unfinished’ SCHUBERT Piano Concerto No. 1 BRAHMS ‘Pourquoi me plaindre’, aria from Il Seraglio MOZART Sevilliana from Don Cesar de Buzan MASSENET Cockaigne, Overture ELGAR* Violin Concerto TCHAIKOVSKY Overture to The Creatures of Prometheus BEETHOVEN Leopold Godowsky, piano Lydia Nervil, soprano Maud Powell, violin Royal Philharmonic Society 1902 90th Season Thursday 27 February 1902 Frederic Cowen Coriolan, Overture BEETHOVEN ‘Einst träumste’ arietta from Der Freischütz WEBER Tone Pictures No. 2 and 3 from Mother Carey WILLIAM BELL Piano Concerto in F minor HENSELT Symphony No. 6, ‘Pathétique’ TCHAIKOVSKY Amy Sherwin, soprano Emil Sauer, piano Thursday 13 March 1902 Frederic Cowen Elegy, Waltz and Russian Theme from Serenade for Strings TCHAIKOVSKY ‘Je suis Titania’ aria from Mignon THOMAS Violin Concerto BRAHMS Symphony No. 9, ‘From the New World’ DVOŘÁK Violin Solos (Schumann and Paganini) Overture to The Bartered Bride SMETANA Jennie Norelli, soprano Franz Ondricek, violin Thursday 24 April 1902 Frederic Cowen Calm Sea and a Prosperous Voyage, Overture MENDELSSOHN Piano Concerto No. 1 LISZT ‘Chi vidi, chi parlo’, Recitative and Aria GLUCK Rococo Variations TCHAIKOVSKY Symphony No. 6, ‘Pastoral’ BEETHOVEN Wilhelm Backhaus, piano Giulia Ravogli, soprano Hugo Becker, cello Thursday 15 May 1902 Frederic Cowen Selection from Les Petits Riens MOZART ‘Ave Maria’, aria from Das Feuerkreuz BRUCH Violin Concerto BEETHOVEN The Butterfly’s Ball, Overture COWEN Symphony No. 5 TCHAIKOVSKY Marguerite MacIntyre, soprano Jan Kubelik, violin Thursday 29 May 1902 Frederic Cowen Symphony No. 92, ‘Oxford’ HAYDN Four Songs from the Turkish Hills CLUTSAM Piano Concerto No. 2 RACHMANINOV ‘Summer Dawn’, Nocturne for Contralto and Orchestra HERBERT BEDFORD Capriccio Italien TCHAIKOVSKY ‘E dunque Vero’ from Semiramide ROSSINI Coronation March COWEN Clara Butt, contralto Kennerley Rumford, tenor Basil Sapellnikoff, piano Thursday 12 June 1902 Frederic Cowen Overture to The Mastersingers WAGNER ‘O zittere nicht’ from Die Zauberflöte MOZART Siegfried Idyll WAGNER Piano Concerto No. 5, ‘Emperor’ BEETHOVEN Kaisermarsch WAGNER Lieder (Wagner) Good Friday Music from Parsifal WAGNER The Ride of the Valkyrie WAGNER Mary Munchhoff, soprano Harold Bauer, piano Wednesday 2 July 1902 Frederic Cowen Tragic Overture BRAHMS Five Poems for Baritone and orchestra PERCY PITT Violin Concerto RANDEGGER Symphony No. 8 BEETHOVEN ‘Summer Dawn’, Nocturne for Contralto and Orchestra HERBERT BEDFORD The Cricket on the Hearth, Overture MacKENZIE David Frangçon Davies, baritone Clara Butt, contralto Royal Philharmonic Society 1903 91st Season Thursday 26 February 1903 Frederic Cowen Pelleas and Melisande, Overture GARNET WOLSELEY COX Piano Concerto No. 9 MOZART ‘Non mi dir’, aria from Don Giovanni MOZART Symphony No. 4 SCHUMANN Piano Solos (Scarlatti and Chopin) Capriccio Espagnol RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Raoul Pugno, piano Thursday 12 March 1903 Frederic Cowen Alexander MacKenzie* Symphony No. 40 MOZART Violin Concerto D’ERLANGER ‘A vos Jeux’, aria from Hamlet THOMAS Irish Rhapsody No. 1 STANFORD Violin Solo (Saint-Saëns) London Day by Day, Suite MACKENZIE Fritz Kreisler, violin Lydia Nervil, soprano Thursday 26 March 1903 Frederic Cowen Youth, concert overture ARTHUR HERVEY Violin Concerto BEETHOVEN ‘Aus der Tiefe des Grames’, aria from Achilleus BRUCH Piano Concerto No. 2 SAUER Symphony No. 8 DVOŘÁK Gordon Tanner, violin Rosa Olitzka, soprano Emil Sauer, piano Thursday 14 May 1903 Frederic Cowen Frederic Cliffe* Overture to Anacreon CHERUBINI Piano Concerto No. 2 MacDOWELL The Triumph of Alcestis FREDERIC CLIFFE* Cello Concerto in D major HAYDN Symphony No. 7 BEETHOVEN Edward MacDowell, piano Clara Butt, contralto Arnold Földosy, cello Thursday 28 May 1903 Frederic Cowen Symphony No. 3 BRAHMS The Ballad of Thyra Lee, dramatic scene REGINALD SOMERVILLE Symphonie Espagnole LALO Piano Concerto in D minor RUBINSTEIN Overture to Egmont BEETHOVEN Frangcon-Davies, bass Max Wolfsthal, violin Josef Hofmann, piano Thursday 11 June 1903 Frederic Cowen Alexander Glazunov* Till Eulenspiegel RICHARD STRAUSS ‘Caro nome’, aria from Rigoletto VERDI Symphony No. 7 GLAZUNOV* Piano Concerto SCHUMANN From the Middle Ages, Suite GLAZUNOV* Jeannie Norelli, soprano Adela Verne, piano Thursday 25 June 1903 Frederic Cowen Prelude and Finale from The Dream of Gerontius ELGAR ‘Die Wallfahrt nach Kerlaar’, vocal scena STANFORD Violin Concerto No. 4 MOZART A Fantasy of Life and Love COWEN Symphony No. 4 TCHAIKOVSKY Blanche Marchesi, soprano Jan Kubelik, violin Royal Philharmonic Society 1904 92nd Season Wednesday 2 March 1904 Frederic Cowen Symphonic Prelude to Byron’s Manfred ADAM VON AHNN CARSE ‘Depuis le jour’, aria from Louise CHARPENTIER Piano Concerto No. 1 TCHAIKOVSKY Violin Concerto MENDELSSOHN Symphony No. 1, ‘Spring’ SCHUMANN Elizabeth Parkins, soprano Dorothy Maggs, piano Marie Hall, violin Thursday 24 March 1904 Frederic Cowen Symphony No. 4 BEETHOVEN Lied Maritime D’INDY ‘Tutta raccolta’, aria from Scipio HANDEL Piano Concerto No. 1 BRAHMS Double Bass Concerto in F sharp minor BOTTESINI Death and Transfiguration RICHARD STRAUSS Maria Gay, soprano Leonard Borwick, piano Claude Hobday, double bass Thursday 28 April 1904 Frederic Cowen Symphony No. 39 MOZART Brünnhilde’s Aria from Sigurd REYER Konzertstück for Piano and Orchestra FRANCO DA VENEZIA Cello Concerto No. 1 SAINT-SAËNS Prelude to The Mastersingers BRAHMS Minnie Tracey, soprano Ernesto Console, piano Jean Gérardy, cello Thursday 18 May 1904 Frederic Cowen In the South (Alassio) ELGAR ‘Der Doppelganger’, song SCHUBERT Allerseelen, song RICHARD STRAUSS Violin Concerto BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 6 GLAZUNOV Gregory Hast, tenor Fritz Kreisler, violin Thursday 2 June 1904 Frederic Cowen Overture to Anacreon CHERUBINI Alto Rhapsody BRAHMS Clarinet Concerto STANFORD Violin Concerto DVOŘÁK Symphony in D minor FRANCK Muriel Foster, contralto Charles Draper, clarinet Annie de Jong, violin Thursday 16 June 1904 Frederic Cowen Francesca da Rimini TCHAIKOVSKY Piano Concerto No. 3 BEETHOVEN Indian Rhapsody COWEN Piano Solos (Pugno and Liszt) Symphony No. 2 BRAHMS Raoul Pugno, piano Thursday 30 June 1904 Frederic Cowen Edward German* Rhapsody on March Themes GERMAN* Symphonie Espagnole LALO Scherzo from Octet in E flat major MENDELSSOHN Symphony No. 9, ‘Great’ SCHUBERT Jan Kubelik, violin Royal Philharmonic Society 1905 93rd Season Wednesday 15 March 1905 Frederic Cowen Academic Festival Overture BRAHMS Piano Concerto No. 5, ‘Egyptian’ SAINT-SAËNS Four Wesendonk Songs (orch. Mottl) WAGNER Symphony No. 14 in D major HAYDN Totentanz LISZT Canadian Rhapsody MACKENZIE Ferruccio Busoni, piano Amy Crossley, contralto Wednesday 29 March 1905 Frederic Cowen In the East, Tone Poem ARTHUR HERVEY Cello Concerto No. 1 SAINT-SAËNS ‘Non temer’, concert aria MOZART Symphony No. 2, ‘Antar’ RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Cello Solo (Bach) Overture to The Bartered Bride SMETANA Pablo Casals, cello Lillie Wormald, soprano Thursday 13 April 1905 Frederic Cowen Overture, In the South ELGAR Violin Concerto TCHAIKOVSKY ‘Ombre legere’, recitative and aria from Dinorah MEYERBEER Scherzo in G minor MENDELSSOHN Symphony No. 7 DVOŘÁK Bronislaw Huberman, violin Antonia Dolores, soprano Thursday 11 May 1905 Frederic Cowen Welsh Rhapsody GERMAN Symphonic Variations FRANCK ‘O! Beau Pays de la Touraine’, aria from Les Huguenots MEYERBEER Africa, Fantasia for Piano and Orchestra SAINT-SAËNS Symphony No. 6, ‘Pathétique’ TCHAIKOVSKY Raoul Pugno, piano Lydia Nervil, soprano Thursday 25 May 1905 Frederic Cowen The Naiades, Overture STERNDALE BENNETT Violin Concerto STANFORD ‘Dove Sono’, aria from The Marriage of Figaro MOZART Havanaise for Piano and Orchestra SAINT-SAËNS Liebestod from Tristan and Isolde WAGNER Symphony in D minor FRANCK Achille Rivarde, violin Emma Albani, soprano Thursday 8 June 1905 Frederic Cowen Prélude à l’aprés-midi d’un faune DEBUSSY Piano Concerto SCHUMANN Preislied from The Mastersingers WAGNER Cello Solo (Bach) Symphony No. 2 in A major PAUL JUON Piano Solos (Scarlatti and Rubinstein) Namensfeier Overture BEETHOVEN Fanny Davies, piano John Coates, tenor Pablo Casals, cello Thursday 22 June 1905 Frederic Cowen The Hebrides (Fingal’s Cave), Overture MENDELSSOHN ‘Ave Maria, Königin’, aria from Das Feuerkreuz BRUCH Symphony No. 5 COWEN Violin Concerto BEETHOVEN Bohemian Dances Nos 3 and 5 ALBERTO RANDEGGER JNR Maude Perceval Allen, soprano Franz von Vecsey, violin Royal Philharmonic Society 1906 94th Season Wednesday 27 February 1906 Frederic Cowen Felix von Weingartner* Macbeth, Overture SULLIVAN Piano Concerto No. 4 RUBINSTEIN Wotan’s Farewell and Magic Fire Music from Die Walküre WAGNER Symphony No. 1 WEINGARTNER* Piano Solos (Chopin) The Hussite, Overture DVOŘÁK Teresa Carreño, piano Frederic Austin, baritone Thursday 15 March 1906 Frederic Cowen Irish Rhapsody No. 2 STANFORD Piano Concerto No. 5, ‘Emperor’ BEETHOVEN Final Scene from Götterdämmerung WAGNER Piano Solos (Chopin and Sauer) Symphony No. 1 BRAHMS Emil Sauer, piano Marie Brema, soprano Thursday 5 April 1906 Frederic Cowen Overture to The Magic Flute MOZART Excerpts from Romeo and Juliet BERLIOZ Violin Concerto TCHAIKOVSKY Second Set of Four Old English Dances COWEN Violin Solo (Bach) Tasso LISZT Mischa Elman, violin Wednesday 2 May 1906 Frederic Cowen Overture to Manfred SCHUMANN ‘Un aura Amorosa’ aria from Cosi fan tutte MOZART Piano Concerto in E minor DOHNANYI Introduction and Allegro ELGAR Vocal solos (Brahms and Massenet) Symphony No. 5 BEETHOVEN Franz Naval, tenor Ernst von Dohnanyi, piano Thursday 17 May 1906 Frederic Cowen Spring, Overture GOETZ Motet for Double Chorus ‘Sing Ye to the Lord’ BACH Piano Concerto No. 4 BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 9, ‘Choral’ BEETHOVEN Maude Perceval Allen, soprano Frederica Richardson, contralto Webstar Millar, tenor Fowler Burton, bass Richard Buhlig, piano Bradford Festival Choral Society Thursday 31 May 1906 Frederic Cowen Morceaux Symphonique from Rédemption FRANCK Piano Concerto No. 1 YORK BOWEN The Mystic Trumpeter, Vocal Scene HOLST Violin Concerto No. 1 BRUCH Symphony No. 2 SCHUMANN York Bowen, piano Cicely Gleeson-White, soprano Marie Hall, violin Thursday 14 June 1906 Frederic Cowen Joseph Holbrooke* Orchestral Variations on an African Theme COLERIDGE TAYLOR Piano Concerto No. 2 RACHMANINOV Annabel Lee, Ballad HOLBROOKE* Piano Solos (Mozart and Chopin) Symphony No. 5 TCHAIKOVSKY Raoul Pugno, piano Kennerley Rumford, baritone Royal Philharmonic Society 1907 95th Season Wednesday 6 February 1907 Edouard Colonne The Hebrides (Fingal’s Cave), overture MENDELSSOHN Piano Concerto No. 1 TCHAIKOVSKY Air des Adieux from Jeanne d’Arc TCHAIKOVSKY Symphony No. 3, ‘Eroica’ BEETHOVEN Piano Solos (Beethoven, Schubert) Benvenuto Cellini, overture BERLIOZ Teresa Carreño, piano Amy Castles, soprano Thursday 28 February 1907 Frederic Cowen Irish Rhapsody No. 1 STANFORD Two Sings (orch. Stanford) PURCELL Piano Concerto No. 2 CHOPIN Symphony No. 1 ENESCU Three Lieder WEINGARTNER Piano Solos (Mendelssohn and Liszt) Les Abencerges, overture CHERUBINI Marie Brema, soprano Vladimir de Pachmann, piano Wednesday 13 March 1907 Frederic Cowen Arthur Hervey* Prelude to an unpublished opera, ‘Ione’ ARTHUR HERVEY Piano Concerto SCHUMANN Aria from Hippolyte et Aricie RAMEAU Violin Concerto No. 1 SINDING Symphony No. 2 BRAHMS Percy Grainger, piano Blanche Marchesi, soprano Johannes Wolff, violin Wednesday 17 April 1907 Frederic Cowen The Tempest, overture SULLIVAN Violin Concerto No. 2 NACHEZ ‘Mon Coeur s’ouvre’, aria from Samson et Dalila SAINT-SAENS Coronach, symphonic elegy McEWEN Songs (Hubert Bath) Suite No. 3 TCHAIKOVSKY Tivadar Nachez, violin H. Kennerley Rumford, baritone Thursday 2 May 1907 Frederic Cowen Overture, Scherzo and Finale SCHUMANN Piano Concerto No. 1 LISZT Symphony in D minor FRANCK Piano Solos (Chopin and Schubert) Carnival Overture DVORAK Sophie Menter, piano Thursday 16 May 1907 Frederic Cowen Cleopatra, symphonic poem CHADWICK Violin Concerto BEETHOVEN Preislied from Die Meistersinger WAGNER Don Juan RICHARD STRAUSS Violin Solos (Tchaikovsky and Paganini) Cockaigne, overture ELGAR Mischa Elman, violin Felix Senius, tenor Thursday 30 May 1907 Frederic Cowen Butterfly’s Ball, overture COWEN Piano Concerto GRIEG Spring Song from Die Walküre WAGNER Mariage des Roses FRANCK Violin Concerto MENDELSSOHN Symphony No. 6, ‘Pastoral’ BEETHOVEN Johanne Stockmarr, piano Georges Mauguière, tenor Lady Halle, violin

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